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Aquafina’s Campaign ‘For Happy Bodies’ Stress Importance of Hydration.

Pulsing music filled the New York City highline, as sweating bodies danced to the beat of the towering speakers at 7 in the morning. Unlike most dance parties and raves, Daybreakerbegins at dawn and promotes hydration and day-long happiness. The parties have been popping up all around major cities throughout the country, and eventually the […]

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Drug Testing With Microchip Organs: No Living Things Needed

As the worlds of medicine and tech continue to merge, the Wyss Institute at Harvard University has created a device that could change — and maybe completely do away with — animal testing in modern medicine. Organs-on-chips is the name of the this new piece of tech, and according to the Wyss Institute, it functions like a living organ, like the human […]

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Exercise Could Be a Legitimate Form of Therapy, New Study Shows

We all know people who use exercise to clear their minds and, in some cases, to maintain their sanity. And new research shows that doing so could do the brain even more good than you might expect: A small study published in Cognitive Behaviour Therapy found that running can help to reduce the symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder, […]

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Cuba Eliminates Mother-To-Child HIV Transmissions

According to the World Health Organization, Cuba today became the first country in the world to eliminate mother-to-child transmission of HIV and syphilis. “This is a celebration for Cuba and a celebration for children and families everywhere,” said Michel Sidibé, executive director of UNAIDS, in a press release. “It shows that ending the AIDS epidemic […]

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New Video Game Trains Your Brain To Dislike Junk Food

Video games have been pioneering new techniques in weight loss for some time now, offering interactive experiences that allow you to exercise and track calories burned. But what about a computerized video game that can train your brain not to crave junk food in the first place? Researchers from the University of Exeter and Cardiff […]

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California Goes From Soft To Hard On Anti-Vaccine Movement?

The same state that led the charge in the controversial anti-vaccine movement is now passing one of the strictest mandatory vaccine laws in the country.

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Natural Spa Ingredients . - Turmeric and honey  for skin care.

Why Is Everyone Talking About Turmeric?

Turmeric, the golden-yellow spice that packs a flavorful punch in our favorite Indian curries and adds color to mustard, is having a major moment in the health food world. With claims that it can do everything from control acne to inhibit cancer cell growthto cure depression, it’s no wonder that people are rushing to incorporate […]

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Consumers Unclear About Risks Or Benefits Of E-Cigarettes

(Reuters Health) – While some smokers consider electronic cigarettes a potential aid in quitting, some people who have already quit see them as a temptation to resume a habit they fought hard to ditch, a small study suggests. Researchers in Scotland interviewed 64 smokers and found little consensus about the potential benefits and harms of […]

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Six Myths About Digestion That Just Won’t Die

Most of us have a vague idea of how digestion works: we eat food, break it down (that’s the scientific term, right?) and, somehow, profit. But without a better understanding of what goes on in there, we’re liable to believe a few bizarre myths that have become commonplace. In reality, our digestive tract is a […]

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Do Cleanses Really Work?

In the run-up to the holidays, many are focused on fitting into their festive finery. A quick fix: doing a cleanse. Whether incorporating only juice or some actual food, cleanse programs are on the rise—sales of superpremium juice totaled more than $1.4 billion last year, up from around $1 billion since 2010, according to the […]

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Whooping Cough On The Rise Because Of Vaccinated Carriers

Miracle workers that they are, no vaccine is perfect. Aside from the occasional side-effects and uncomfortable delivery methods (even those nasal sprays sting a bit), vaccines don’t always prevent the disease they’re intended to protect against. Often, like with the influenza virus, this happens because the germ in question changes its appearance enough to sneak […]

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Beat the heat, enjoy Mammoth Lakes

Summer is here, and the thermometer is rising. If you want to beat the heat when camping and want a gorgeous mountain experience, Mammoth Lakes is a good place to enjoy cooler temperatures at an altitude of over 7,000 feet. Since the early 1900’s, campers have enjoyed the peaceful and scenic Mammoth Lakes area. Miles […]

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