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What is Polypharmacy, and How Do We Stop It?


October is ‘Talk About Your Medications’ month. The focus this year is Polypharmacy: A majority of senior citizens take multiple prescriptions and over-the-counter meds without confirming with their healthcare team what is safe and what isn’t. This problem has increased over the past 12 years, and put these folks at risk for dangerous side effects. […]

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Tracking Success: 8 Effective Diet and Nutrition Apps

Smartphone diet and nutrition app

Smartphones are wonderful things- how else could you play chess, check out what your friend in Alaska is up to, and find a new spot for lunch, all from the grocery store parking lot? Besides all of these productive (or not) conveniences, smartphones are great tools for helping us reach our fitness and nutrition goals.

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Winning Fitness- Free Life Insurance

Woman Making Heart Shape with Hands

So, we have this radio commercial playing in our local area from a life insurance provider, whose message pretty much says, “Hey, you have diabetes, heart issues, and maybe even cancer, so you’d better get some life insurance.” There was no message of hope or even an alternative, just a “final destination.” The information is […]

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