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Winning Fitness- Free Life Insurance

Woman Making Heart Shape with Hands

So, we have this radio commercial playing in our local area from a life insurance provider, whose message pretty much says, “Hey, you have diabetes, heart issues, and maybe even cancer, so you’d better get some life insurance.” There was no message of hope or even an alternative, just a “final destination.” The information is […]

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Meet Miguel Guillen: CrossX Coach

Miguel Guillen Profile

Step into a CrossX session with Miguel, and you’ll understand pretty quickly why they call him ‘The Mangler’. The certified Crossfit trainer welds his own approach to training with classic Crossfit style.

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8 Common Fitness Injuries and How To Avoid Them

woman runner hold her sports injured knee

  Strained back  This is the number one most likely injury. Many people have weak back muscles due to prolonged sitting at work or home, and come exercise time, people go too hard or too fast. Lift with your legs, not your back, and gradually strengthen your back muscles with low intensity exercises. Strained shoulder […]

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