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GMO Food Bill Moves Forward Amid Animosity And Confusion

The House of Representatives passed a bill barring states from requiring GMO labels on bioengineered foods –  and the political divide is so deep it even affects the name of the bill. The Republican-controlled House passed H.R. 1599 under the name “The Safe and Accurate Food Labeling Act,” but some liberal consumer groups and Congress members prefer “The Denying Americans the […]

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Is Kale Really Toxic? Everything You Need To Know About Heavy Metals

This week, Harper’s Bazaar published an article saying that “people are getting seriously sick from eating kale” because of its thallium content, a heavy metal that naturally occurs in soil. So should we all stop eating this favorite veggie, darling of both the foodie and wellness worlds? Here’s the real story. Where do heavy metals […]

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Immunotherapy Is The Future Of Cancer Research

Immunotherapy, or the use of a person’s own immune system to treat an infection or disease, has recently been at the forefront of cancer research. In a new study, researchers found that a form of immunotherapy could produce a “significant clinical response” in 70 percent of patients with a particularly deadly type of cancer known as […]

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San Francisco Approves Warning Labels On Sugary Drink Ads

San Francisco is the closest any city has come to passing a warning-label law on sugary beverages. Lawmakers voted unanimously for all advertisements displayed on billboards, walls, taxis, and walls to include the warning labels for consumers. Mayor Ed Lee hasn’t taken a position yet, but has 10 days to sign the law in order […]

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The Connection Between Sugar and Alzheimer’s Disease

Research links a nutrient-poor Western-style way of eating with cognitive impairment—issues with thinking, learning, and memory. And we’re not just talking the garden-variety brain fart. Research suggests that a steady diet of sugary, processed foods can mess with insulin in the brain. This may trigger what some experts call type 3 diabetes, aka Alzheimer’s disease.Suzanne de […]

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For healthy bones: Got prunes? Onions? Salmon? Walnuts?

When I say “food for healthy bones,” what springs to mind? Milk, of course. That connection is taught to us early on, and rightfully so. Milk and the products made from it — yogurt, cheese, etc. — are packed not only with calcium, but several bone-beneficial nutrients, including protein, magnesium, potassium and, if fortified, vitamin […]

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New Low-Cost Cholera Vaccine Proves Effective in Bangladesh

Cholera is an infection that affects the intestines. Symptoms range from none, to mild, to severe and can include diarrhea, vomiting, and stomach cramps, beginning two to five days after exposure. It’s caused by unclean or infected water, uncooked seafood, poor sanitation, and more. It’s more likely found in impoverished areas of the world. All […]

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How The ‘Instagram For Doctors’ Is Changing How Patients See Specialists

If you’ve ever waited to see a specialist in the emergency room, you’ll be happy to know that a new app, the so-called “Instagram for doctors” could put a specialist at your doctor’s fingertips in minutes rather than hours. The app, called Figure 1, allows doctors around the world to upload anonymous photos of their […]

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Is The Reign Of Fast Food Over? McDonald’s Sales Drop As Consumers Turn To Healthier Alternatives

Adult and childhood obesity rates are at a high, and we don’t seem to be slowing down when it comes to big portions and the pride of fast food in America. Yet something strange appears to be happening: Last year, McDonald’s sales plummeted in their third quarter. In the first quarter of 2015, McDonald’s sales […]

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Woman Making Heart Shape with Hands

15 Heart-Healthy Things to Do Now

Summer weather brings days at the beach, camping trips, firefly-lit picnics, and…heart attacks? As much as we love the warm weather, the dog days of summer can be especially dangerous for those who have heart disease, are over the age of 50, or are overweight, according to the American Heart Association.Protect your ticker this summer, and […]

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Good Fiber, Bad Fiber – How The Different Types Affect You

Fiber can influence many aspects of health. From gut bacteria to weight loss, it is often considered a fundamental part of a healthy diet. Most people have a very basic understanding of fiber, and tend to lump it all into one category. However, the truth is that not all fiber is created equal. Some types […]

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National Childhood Obesity Awareness Week: 6th to 12th July

What is National Childhood Obesity Awareness Week? National Childhood Obesity Awareness Week 2015 refers to a campaign held annually to raise awareness about the rising cases of childhood obesity across the world, particularly in the U.S. where there are more than 23 million obese or overweight childrenand teenagers. Various organizations including medical experts join hands […]

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