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STEM teaching becomes growing focus at local schools

From APPLE VALLEY — While wearing aluminum foil helmets and black garbage bags for spacesuits, Academy for Academic Excellence students laid on their backs on chairs and launched into space. The simulation was part of a recent first-grade activity, where AAE students took a trip to the school’s Thunderbird campus observatory to learn about the […]

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Ultra-Cheap Microscopes Could Save Millions of Lives

From Microscopes have been saving lives for decades by helping diagnose any number of deadly diseases, but in many parts of the world, they are in short supply. That’s about to change. Technology is transforming smartphones, iPads and even paper into durable, ultra-portable microscopes that only cost a few dollars to make. Scientists at the […]

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Help for the Brokenhearted: Wearable, Biosynthetic and ‘Beatless’ Artificial Hearts

From Jilted valentines may say there’s no cure for a broken heart. But help is on the way for those whose actual hearts are ailing, thanks to an innovative suite of technologies that could one day benefit the millions of people suffering from heart failure. The heart uses four chambers to pump blood throughout the […]

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Brain Training For Everyday Life: How To Stop Forgetting And Live More Fully

From Just for fun, remember this string of numbers: 42285971. Now picture your bedroom from childhood. Behold the color of the walls, the print of the bedspread, the layout of the furniture. Chances are you can do this without much effort. Now imagine you’re strolling through the rest of the house, and consider just […]

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Energy Drinks Make Kids Hyperactive, Inattentive, Study Says

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New York Attorney General Targets Supplements at Major Retailers

From New York Times  The New York State attorney general’s office accused four major retailers on Monday of selling fraudulent and potentially dangerous herbal supplements and demanded that they remove the products from their shelves. The authorities said they had conducted tests on top-selling store brands of herbal supplements at four national retailers — GNC, […]

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Lawmakers Want Tougher Vaccine Exemptions Amid Measles Outbreak

From SEATTLE/PORTLAND, Ore (Reuters) – Several U.S. states are considering laws to make it harder for parents to legally opt out of vaccinating their children, as health officials fight a measles outbreak that has sickened some 120 people in more than a dozen mostly West Coast states. Lawmakers in California, Oregon, and Washington state, […]

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As People Live Longer, Cancer Rates Increase

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Science Daily

Meditation Proven To Slow Brain Gray Matter Loss

From Science Daily Since 1970, life expectancy around the world has risen dramatically, with people living more than 10 years longer. That’s the good news. The bad news is that starting when people are in their mid-to-late-20s, the brain begins to wither — its volume and weight begin to decrease. As this occurs, the brain […]

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