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5 Ways To Relieve Your COPD with Physical Activity.

COPD- Breathing Better

If you suffer from any kind of lung condition (emphysema, chronic bronchitis, or bronchiectasis), you live with one very persistent reminder: you’re always out of breath.

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These Are the Simple Steps I Took When I Started My Nutrition Journey.

Real food, real nutrition.

I wasn’t always a nutritionist, I didn’t always have the knowledge I do now. There was a time I gave very little thought about what was supposed to be my body’s fuel (aka food). Fast food breakfast, microwave lunch, “who knows what that is” for dinner. Then at some point I started paying attention to […]

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5 “Health Foods” That Are Actually Dangerous (and what to eat instead)

Five Fake Health Foods

These days we can be very easily fooled by catchy advertising or claims by many fake health foods pretending to be nutritious.  Often this is based on misleading information and outdated nutritional guidelines.

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