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Diabetes is an Angry Bull. Don’t be the Rodeo Clown.

Diabetes risk reduction

I have been a horse lover as far back as I can remember. I drew pictures of them, read about them, and dreamed of someday having a horse of my own. I even lobbied for horse wallpaper in my room, however I never successfully convinced my parents that it was a great idea. When I […]

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6 Keys For Long-term Fitness Success

  Fitness shouldn’t be something you do only when you want to drop those 10 extra pounds or prepare for a charity road race. To be successful, it has to be thoroughly integrated into your lifestyle; it should be something you do as routinely as eating, sleeping, and taking your morning shower. Unfortunately, that can […]

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You Can’t Change What You Don’t Acknowledge

Little girl covering her eyes

  When my kids were small, I looked forward  to my one hour a day with Dr. Phil. No, I didn’t spent time with him personally but I tuned in to his daily TV show. You remember him don’t you? Southern drawl, pop psychology phrases, and a quick “let’s wrap the problem up in one […]

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