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Are you taking multiple medications safely at the same time? Do you have concerns about Diabetes or COPD?  Members of Heritage Medical Group can now get medication and disease consulting at a local Rite Aid Store in Victorville through a partnership with the Rite Aid Health Alliance. With this terrific Heritage entitlement members can now review disease concerns and coordinate medications for safe use with a Rite Aid Care Coach.  Be sure to ask your doctor or contact Rebekah Curtis RN at Heritage Health Education at  442-242-6719 or rcurtis@hvvmg.com  about how you can safeguard your health with these services which can be so beneficial to your health. No prescription changes to Rite Aid are required.

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A Rite Aid care coach and pharmacist – working with your doctor for you.

Living with chronic health problems is difficult. And keeping up with all the treatments and prescriptions is just an added hardship. Thankfully, Rite Aid Health Alliance is here to help lift the burden, with personal support.
A dedicated Rite Aid pharmacist and Rite Aid care coach will work directly with your physician to help you achieve wellness goals like:
  • smoking cessation
  • diabetes coaching
  • blood pressure coaching
  • nutrition / weight management
  • exercise and physical fitness
  • medication review and management
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  • Helping you understand and achieve the goals set by your physician
  • Working with you to develop a customized health action plan that fits your lifestyle
  • Identifying and addressing issues that may be preventing you from improving your health
  • Providing you with disease – specific and lifestyle-related educational materials
  • Tracking progress with you towards your health goals
  • Coordinating with your physician to ensure that you are receiving the support you need