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Drug Testing With Microchip Organs: No Living Things Needed

As the worlds of medicine and tech continue to merge, the Wyss Institute at Harvard University has created a device that could change — and maybe completely do away with — animal testing in modern medicine.

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California Goes From Soft To Hard On Anti-Vaccine Movement?

The same state that led the charge in the controversial anti-vaccine movement is now passing one of the strictest mandatory vaccine laws in the country.

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Networks Of Kidney Donors Connect Strangers, Bypass Waitlist

Imagine standing in a slow-moving line with 100,000 other people. It’s frustrating, right? Now imagine doing that when your life depends on it. That’s reality for about 100,000 Americans waiting for a kidney transplant. But that frustration has sparked a new loophole: the kidney transplant chain.   by Matt Patston  

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