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February 14, 2023

Novel Treatment for Hyperlipidemia

Heritage Victor Valley Medical Group Dr Hedayati

Novel treatment for Hyperlipidemia


Hyperlipidemia is a leading cause of cardiovascular disease. It is in large part dependent on diet, body weight, and very important factors that can cause our liver to produce too much cholesterol. The traditional way to treat hyperlipidemia has been a dietary modification, namely a diet that is rich in vegetables, grains, and healthy (unsaturated) fat which is mostly found in fish. When these measures fail, clinicians usually offer a variety of medications that include statins, niacin and fibric acid derivatives. Statins are by far the most commonly used class of medications but can cause a potentially serious side effect called Myopathy. Patients generally complain of muscle cramps and as a result, need to discontinue using the statins. More recently, a new class of cholesterol-lowering medications has been approved by the FDA called PCSK9 Inhibitors. This class of medications reduces the amount of LDL (bad cholesterol) by inhibiting the breakdown of LDL receptors by the liver. These receptors then reduce the amount of LDL in the bloodstream.


PCSK9 inhibitors are available by injection only and do not cause the dreaded “muscle cramp” caused by statins. Most physicians are now familiar with this category of cholesterol-lowering medications. As patients, if you are experiencing side effects when using statins, ask your provider to see if you’re a candidate for PCSK9 inhibitors.


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