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January 2, 2024

Dr. Jiménez: The 5 Health Pyramids

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The Life Expectancy of Latinos Can Extend If Lifestyle is Taken Care

of and the 5 Health Pyramids are Followed.


“If we have an object supported by 5 pillars and you remove some, it’s sure

to fall. That’s how I see overall health – everything lies in prevention,

balance, and the harmony of elements.” – Francisco Jimenez MD*

“Although Latinos have a higher life expectancy than other groups such as

African Americans, Native Americans, and Whites, the life expectancy of

the Latino community in the United States has declined in recent years.

The reasons are diverse, including diseases like diabetes, obesity,

cardiovascular and liver problems, as well as death from overdoses, as

reported in recent studies.”

For Dr. Francisco Jimenez, “preventive medicine is essential for a healthy

life. Patients with controlled diabetes, for example, can live much longer

than previously believed. It’s never too late to start taking care of oneself.”

What are The 5 Health Pyramids? Dr. Jiménez responds:

“The 5 Health Pyramids I exemplify as a folder supported by the 5 fingers

of the hand; each of them is an important pillar. If I use all 5 fingers, the

folder doesn’t fall. However, if I remove one pillar, the diet; remove another,

sleep; remove one more, exercise; the folder will fall. That’s how health


The 5 health pyramids are:

  1. To eat well because good food is like good fuel for a car. If we use the

right fuel, our car will last longer. The same goes for humans – if we eat

well, we’ll last longer.

  1. To sleep well. Taking care of sleep hygiene is crucial for the body’s daily

recovery. The immune system, our defense system, rests with nightly


  1. Exercise. Movement stimulates the lymphatic system to cleanse the

body of impurities and secretes hormones that prevent chronic diseases.

  1. Stress control, anxiety, fear, aggression because these secrete negative

hormones that can cause chronic diseases, including cancer.

  1. To have faith. Faith in something, faith in someone, according to your

choice. Many medical studies confirm that patients with faith live longer and

with better quality of life.

For me, the most important thing as a doctor is to inform my patients about

their health condition. Studies show that the more a patient knows about

their medical problem, the longer they live and with a better quality of life.

My creed is: Prevention is the solution,” concludes Dr. Jimenez.

*Dr. Francisco Jimenez is a family medicine physician in Upland, Victorville, Santa Ana and Bell Gardens,


Dr. Jiménez has over 47 years of experience in the medical field, that includes Psychiatry, Emergency,

Family Medicine Practice and Internal Medicine, he is President and Founder of Upland Medical Center


Salud y Solución FJMD

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