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June 22, 2023

FIT Notes: Men’s Health July 2023

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6 Tips for Summer Health

1. Sun Protection: Make sure you use plenty of sunscreen whenever you plan on being
outside for any length of time. The “perfect tan” is not worth the damage that can be
2. Outdoor Exercise: Summer is the perfect time to get to mountain trails or have
beach/lake adventures. Outdoor activity brightens our moods, keeps us socially
connected, and helps our brains stay healthy.
3. Lighter Diet: Use summer to change your eating habits. Eat lighter and healthier, and by
the time you reach fall, you won’t start packing on extra pounds because of these new
4. Fun Activities: This is the time for recreation, or “re-creation” if you will. Create health
by doing fun and active things. Your overall health and well-being will thank you.
5. Daily Exercise: There is nothing more important than exercise in our lives. Excessive
sitting has been categorized as a disease, so we want to make sure we are up, moving,
and creating a better life.
6. Just Relax: Relaxation is as critical to our overall health as any of the other things listed
here. Whether it’s getting a little more sleep, taking some quick naps, or reading that
book you’ve always wanted to, relax and enjoy some of the simpler things in life.

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