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March 26, 2024

Meet Dr. Samuel Wilson M.D.

Heritage Victor Valley Medical Group Dr. Samuel Wilson WS
Allow me to reintroduce myself: I am Dr. Samuel Wilson, M.D., MBA, F.A.C.E.P., and I’d like to share a glimpse of my journey in the world of medicine, particularly in the Victor Valley high desert, as requested by
HVVMG medical group.

Background and Aspirations:

I hail from a family deeply rooted in healthcare. My father, a Seventh-Day Adventist minister, and my mother,
a maternity nurse at Kingston Public Hospital in Jamaica, instilled in me a passion for healing. Their close
friend, Lloyd Dayes, MD, PhD, a pioneering neurosurgeon at Loma Linda University, further fueled my
aspiration to pursue a career in medicine. I’ve been married to DrArleneBrahamMDMPH my partner for

Educational Path:

I embarked on my journey by earning a B.S. in Biology from La Sierra University. Subsequently, I obtained my M.D. from Loma Linda University School of Medicine. My path led me to an Emergency Medicine residency at King-Drew Medical Center in Los Angeles, where I honed my skills and earned board certification in emergency medicine in 1991.

Professional Accomplishments:

Over the past three decades:

I served as the Medical Director for the emergency department at Barstow Community Hospital for 17
years (concluding in 2014).

As an Assistant Professor at Loma Linda University Medical Center, I contributed to the education and
training of future physicians for 29 years (until 2018).

Medical Director of Keen Medical Group for 14 years, overseeing a primary care clinic, pediatric services, and
an urgent care center. My esteemed colleagues—Dr. Audrey Reid, MD, MPH, JD, and Dr. Bryan Mitton, MD, PhD—
have been instrumental in our collective mission.

Locum Tenens:

My experiences as a locum tenens emergency medicine physician have taken me to various local hospitals, including
Blythe, Needles, Joshua Tree, St. Mary’s, and Victor Valley Hospital. Each encounter has enriched my practice and
reinforced my commitment to patient care in this area.

Beyond Medicine:

I hold an MBA from California State University, San Bernardino, which has broadened my perspective and equipped
me with valuable leadership skills. As an active participant in Vistage, a global executive coaching organization, I stay current in leadership and management practices, benefiting both my patients and colleagues.

Approach and Mission:

My approach to healthcare is holistic. I believe in empowering not just the body but also the mind and spirit of every
individual who walks through our doors. At Keen Medical Group, we strive to ensure that each person leaves us better, richer in knowledge, and more confident in managing their health. Keen Medical Group is a school for success. Our mission is to develop healthy, satisfied patients through capable, caring providers. We proudly support the training and development of nurse practitioners. Our MAs become LVNs who become RNs who become NPs who become DNPs. It is exciting and rewarding to see our team grow and excel.

Community Engagement:

My dedication extends beyond clinical practice. I have been involved with various medical societies, including serving as the President of the San Bernardino County Medical Society. These affiliations allow me to contribute to the betterment of healthcare in our community.

Thank you for entrusting your care to me. Together, we continue to make a positive impact in the field of medicine.

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