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Urgent Care

The High Desert’s ONLY comprehensive urgent care, tailored to your emergency needs.

About Urgent Care Services

12370 Hesperia Rd # 15, Victorville, CA 92395
Heritage Victor Valley Urgent Care from inception was designed to offer services far beyond what is typically offered. Our center performs most of the diagnostic services performed in hospital emergency rooms. Our radiology capability is extensive. In addition to routine studies, we offer in-house ultrasound and doppler vascular studies. We partner with Radnet for STAT CT scans and other diagnostic studies. This allows us to get results within 2 hours. Our in-house Laboratory includes a full spectrum of moderate complexity laboratory studies. Such as complete blood counts, metabolic and cardiac panels, liver, and kidney function test, urinalysis, coagulation test, Sedrate, influenza testing, and a wide variety of waived laboratory testing. Our urgent care in-house diagnostics also include EKGs, pulmonary function test, and cardiac monitor just to name a few. We have an infusion and wound care center inside of our facility, where we follow each patient through their full course of treatment. The urgent care daily staff is comprised of MD, PA, RN’s, LVN’s, experienced acute care trained Medical Assistants, and Laboratory Technicians. Our urgent care manager has over 15 yrs experience in the field and offers training and outstanding support to our rapidly growing team.

The urgent care providers and nursing staff have emergency department training and many years of experience.

Our urgent care providers perform procedures in our urgent care such as paracentesis, thoracentesis, PICC line insertion/removal, urinary catheter, and supra-pubic catheter insertion/removal. The skills and capability of the Heritage Victor Valley Urgent Care Team allow the treatment of serious conditions. Some like acute asthma attacks, COPD, pneumonia, kidney stones, and urinary tract infections, wound infections, hypertension, atrial fibrillation, and uncontrolled diabetes, lacerations, sprains, dislocations, fractures, sore throats, and ear infections are also routinely treated. We communicate regularly with the patient’s primary care provider (with patient permission) to arrange follow-up care.

There is a network of support for STAT referrals during all hours of operation (9 am – 8 pm Monday Through Saturday).

We arrange the STAT referral appointment for the patient to ensure that there is no disconnect in the transfer of care. We also collaborate with the Heritage Victor Valley Hospitalist staff for direct admits to our affiliated hospitals when clinically appropriate. This service saves the group costly ER claims, avoids repeated workup of the testing, and most importantly saves the patient the long stay in the ED awaiting admit. The next time you’re thinking about a trip to the ER – consider Heritage Urgent Care Plus instead. We treat serious illnesses and complex medical problems with services, technology, and expertise very similar to the Emergency Room. It’s known as “High Acuity” care,  and you won’t find it anywhere else in the High Desert.

+ Care You Can Only Get Here

We are one of only a small number of High Acuity Urgent Care Facilities in California. High Acuity means we care for and treat patients with complex medical problems.

+ Highly Trained Professionals

Our Urgent Care is staffed with Doctors, Registered Nurses (RN’s) LVN/s, and medical assistants. You are in good hands.

+ Top Facilities – Top Technology

Our facility sparkles with a spotless clinical setting and the latest technology.

+ Radiology Right Away

Our radiology capabilities are extensive. Ultrasound, CT Scan, and X ray are all available.

+ Much More…

  • Heritage Urgent Care Plus offers in-house ultrasound, laboratory studies and diagnostics, EKGs, pulmonary function test, and cardiac monitor just to name a few.
  • Heritage Urgent Care Plus is one of only a small number of high acuity urgent care facilities in the nation. High acuity urgent care is similar to a level services offered in the hospital emergency room that treats patients with complex medical problems but with much shorter wait times.

Related Testimonials

Hear what our members have to say about the HVVMG community and resources

"[The senior events are a] Great place to meet people my age, and the ladies that run the place are very kind."

Johnny Barry Victorville, CA

"Sneha has been a God send for us. She was able to work with us with Chuck's diet as well as deal with lowering his A1c. 15.5 to 6.1. Amazing. We have totally put our trust in her ability to manage my husband’s care not only with his diabetes but to alert us of any issues that could potentially be an issue with his health. To be totally honest I believe that I would be a widow if it wasn't for her care. Thank you Sneha. We love you!!"

Chuck Ruh Apple Valley, CA

"I had a lot of problems with my diabetes and she’s (Sneha) been able to bring down my A1c she’s been able to manage my medication really well and in all my years she’s been the best to work with she is always on time for our appointments I highly recommend her she is so understanding. I give her an A+ for such wonderful care and her assistant Natalie is such a big part of that as well. Sneha really cares and I am so appreciative of her hard work."

Steve Marshall Apple Valley, CA

"Hi my name is Fred Mcmoore and I'm texting to let you know that Sneha and Natalie are the best medical personnel that I have ever had that help me with all my medical needs such as prescriptions and doctor’s appointments 😃 they are great!!"

Fred Mcmoore Apple Valley, CA


Heritage has its own Urgent Care Plus high acuity urgent care facility with services including on-site Labs, x-ray, wound care and infusion services. Heritage Medical Group is contracted with four High Desert urgent care facilities and is contracted with hospitals in the High Desert and Southern California.
With an average medical group, obtaining a referral can often take weeks! We've developed a system to speed up the referral process and get you seen by a doctor as fast as possible. Heritage's fast track referrals can be completed in hours - not weeks!
Because Heritage is part of the Heritage Provider Network - one of Southern California’s largest medical groups - our members have access to over 200 local specialists throughout Southern California.
Heritage accepts most health plans. Contact our member services to see if we are contracted with your health plan. 1(800) 655-9999
Heritage has many benefits and resources that other medical groups in our area do not have. These benefits include fast track referrals, free fitness, senior activities and more. Heritage also has an Urgent Care facility for members with near-emergency-room levels of care (known as high acuity care), capable of handling even serious injuries.
Navigating through the healthcare system can be very difficult for even the most informed individuals. Coordinated care is a way that a medical group assists you in finding the right care by the right doctor. Your coordinated care team can help you track a myriad of appointments, insurance coverage, and generally any services you might need to ensure your health and safety according to your doctor's recommendations.
Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) plans: Comprehensive coordinated care. A health maintenance organization (HMO) contracts with health care professionals and facilities to create a “provider network.” If you choose HMO insurance, you’ll typically pay a small co-payment if you visit a physician or hospital within the plan network. HMO insurance often features lower premiums and co-pays than other plans. Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) plans: Self coordinated care. A preferred provider organization (PPO) also enters into contractual agreements with health care providers and creates a “provider network.” But unlike HMOs, PPO health insurance will cover some - but not all - of the cost of care administered by out-of-network providers, and patients take on more responsibility to coordinate their care.
Health plans contract with groups of doctors to provide health care. These groups of doctors are called medical groups. Medical groups can range from small practices with several doctors to very large organizations with hundreds of doctors. The difference between a medical group and a health plan sometimes isn’t clear. The medical group’s job is to care for patients - this work is done by the doctors, nurses, therapists and other professionals in the medical group. The health plan is responsible for seeing that its members receive care easily by contracting with enough medical groups and their doctors in a local area so it is convenient for members to find nearby care. (CA.GOV)
Keep your current insurance, just switch to a Heritage doctor. There is no cost. All benefits are included in membership. 1(800) 655-9999 Becoming a member is as easy as selecting one of our Heritage primary care physicians. This can be done by contacting our Member Services department or by contacting your current health plan and making the request for a new PCP.
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